What children learn from welfare: stay on welfare

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What are the effects of government welfare programs on families, and especially children? Do they simply provide a temporary hand up to families, so their children can go on to lead self-reliant, productive lives?

Or do they actually teach children, through their parents, to rely on government welfare, encouraging a soul-crushing dependency on the state and destroying what could be a life full of the human dignity and fulfillment that comes from self-reliance?

According to new research on “family welfare cultures,” the latter seems more likely to be the case.

The study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, found “strong evidence that welfare use in one generation causes welfare use in the next generation.” Note this is not a study showing correlation only. The authors, based on their statistical analysis, firmly believe they have found a causal link between parents being on welfare and children following their parents’ example.

What is that link? It is what most parents already understand: Children learn from their parents. The researchers “find suggestive evidence … in favor of children learning from a parent’s experience” with government welfare. In other words, children gain information from their parents’ welfare experience that leads them later …read more

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