Update from Missionary in Ukraine: Crisis Looks ‘Explosive,’ ‘Surreal’

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By Ken McIntyre

The Rev. Gerard D. ”George” de Vuyst, wife Sarah and their children. / Family Photo

Russia’s military incursion into Crimea remains “explosive,” but the immediate threat to his fellow residents of Kiev appears to have lessened, an American missionary — who has lived in Ukraine for two decades — says in an e-mail update to The Foundry.

“The situation in Crimea is very explosive. We’re afraid that Russia is working to set up a scenario to give itself justification for invading,” the Rev. Gerard D. “George” de Vuyst, of the mission agency Christian Reformed World Missions, writes.

The pastor, whom The Foundry first contacted yesterday, adds of the surprise military action by Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“The Ukrainian military bases are surrounded by troops. There are no talks going on about it. Nobody is willing to identify themselves or speak for the occupiers. Clearly they are Russian and their technology is Russian.”

De Voyst wrote as negotiations to end the crisis in the Crimea region appeared to be gaining little traction and gunmen confronted a United Nations envoy.

De Vuyst, 42, from Grand Rapids, Mich., also expressed hope that Americans and others will see through “misinformation” Like this? Read more and get your own subscription at

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