States consider measures requiring gun buybacks be sold rather than destroyed

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By Lachlan Markay


Photo from Washington Free Beacon

Lawmakers in two states have introduced legislation that places restrictions on firearm buybacks by state and local governments, prohibiting such programs in some instances and requiring that guns be sold rather than destroyed.

The measures’ advocates say local and state governments have wasted or foregone significant revenue by destroying firearms obtained through buyback programs, which compensate gun owners who give up their guns.

Legislation under consideration in Indiana and Mississippi would require guns obtained through a buyback program to be sold to federal firearms dealers or auctioned instead of destroyed.

Indiana State Sen. Jim Tomes (R), who introduced the measure in his state, said guns would still be taken off the streets if his bill became law, but would generate additional revenue for the state.

“I don’t see why anyone would object to this because it benefits everyone involved,” Tomes said of the legislation.

The bill would prohibit the destruction of guns with intact serial numbers, and require that all guns obtained through a buyback be sold at auction or to federal firearms dealers, with proceeds in some instances being returned to the guns’ original owners.

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