Responsible citizens, gun rights and the 2nd Amendment

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Text of Paul Mero’s remarks, as prepared, at the KVEL Radio 2nd Amendment Rally in Vernal on Aug. 10, 2013:

I mentioned to our host that me sharing thoughts with you about the Second Amendment is like a student driver regaling Mario Andretti about what it’s like to drive a car. To help us bond, I can share with you that when I was 14 years old my friend, Dennis Halsey, shot me in the leg with my own Crossman pellet gun. Mom was against me buying it with my own hard-earned money – she told me someone would get hurt – so Dennis and I rushed home to fix me up before Mom got home from work. I was fortunate that we were using BBs and not pellets that day. I had a heck of time getting the BB out of my thigh. It was in there deep. I told Dennis to go get mom’s bottle of Scotch because I could tell I was going to be in need of some major disinfectant. Sure enough, after about 10 minutes of massaging that BB out of there, it popped right out.

My only other significant gun story happened 20 years …read more

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