Politiks As Usual: In The News 9/22/13

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By noreply@blogger.com (Mr. Grey Ghost)

Palin Won’t Rule Out Senate Run: ‘Ted Cruz Needs Some Reinforcements’

Yes, It’s Misogynistic And Violent, But I Still Admire Grand Theft Auto

Kenya Mall Attack: Military Says Most Hostages Freed, Death Toll At 68

‘Red Line’ Just One Of Roughly 500 Obama Promises That Have Come And Gone

Did You Know 200 Million Girls Are “Missing?”

Bill Kristol Schools Tavis Smiley on Why Republicans Oppose ObamaCare

Global Warming: The BIGGEST LIE Exposed

Judge: NY School Can’t Fire Teacher for Heroin Possession

Prison Inmates Collecting Millions In Unemployment Cash

Is The Electronic Cigarette Healthy? Can This Be The Future of Smoking?

The CNN Interview That Presented Real Christianity

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