Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment to rally for truckers headed to DC

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By Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Photo credit: Lisa D'Esposito Minutillo Boca Raton, Facebook

The “Truckers to Shut Down America” will be cheered along the way by a “patriot wave” from the “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” group when they cross the country to meet in Washington, D.C.

Photo credit: Lisa D’Esposito Minutillo Boca Raton, Facebook

“On Friday, October 11th, Overpasses will support the truckers going to the nations District of Corruption [Washington D.C.]!” the Overpasses Facebook page says. “We’ve gotten emails to the website, messages to the main page from truckers, thanking us for waking them up! We need to be out there, cheering them on their way to DC!”

Both groups are nonpartisan and are recruiting grassroots volunteers from across the country in support of the U.S. Constitution.

“During the Overpass events, we get a lot of response from the truckers,” Joe Kilinski, a volunteer with the Florida Overpasses group, told BizPac Review. “We hear from them that they are inundated by Obama’s regulations. The cost of gas has doubled and the general cost of doing business has increased making it harder for them to continue to stay on the road. They’ve supported us, so it’s time for us to Like this? Read more and get your own subscription at

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