Immigration benefits both immigrants and working-class Americans, study says

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Some have argued that modern-day immigrants – referring to Mexican immigrants who are “low skilled” – are harmful to working families because they take away jobs from working-class families. Recent research suggests the opposite is in fact the case, at least as far as keeping a job is concerned.

A study done by two economists and published by the National Bureau of Economic Research recently reported that the high amount of geographic mobility of Mexican-born immigrants reduced the likelihood that a low-skilled American loses his or her job in a bad economy by about 40 percent. Why would this be the case?

The study found that Mexican-born immigrants are much more likely to find out about differences in pay between geographic areas in America and move to higher-paying areas in response. This makes a great deal of sense if immigrants without much education or training in “high-skill” jobs are coming to America primarily to work, which many are. Further, in the context of undocumented immigrants, it makes sense because they are ineligible for unemployment insurance, meaning that remaining in an area with a bad job market caused by a local recession is simply not financially feasible for many …read more

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