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by Lyndsy Struck
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A picture of a Unknown bankrobber wanted by th...

A picture of a Unknown bankrobber wanted by the FBI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The story is attached, but you may not see this on National News. This Guy was on the FBI 10 Most Wanted List, from Chicago, a 9 times felon that Illinois kept letting out of prison, obtained a machine gun recently through Obama’s proposed International background Search, but just fine in Anti Gun Illinois, a criminal record a mile long, etc. After an 8 hour man hunt, he was apprehended on the East side of Madison & during this time he shaved his head of his dreadlocks. No Martial Law here; just authorities & citizens working together. We Got him & were successful! This time this Dude goes back to Chicago & prison permanently! Verona & Fitchburg locked down their schools to keep our kids safe & told us to lock our doors & report anything to them. My Nice Sheriff Deputy came by to check on me & told me to have my gun loaded which I did. This is the way things should be! You wont hear all the details as it is an embarrassment to Illinois & their Legal Court System. His name he used of Poe was because he was also affiliated with the Black Gangster Disciples in Chicago. Hm, someone please explain to me why this 9 time Felon & FBI Most Wanted was walking around & legally just purchased a Machine Gun???He sure never entered Verona because all of us town folk were armed & with the extensive search next store in Fitchburg, he headed in a vehicle out the east end of Madison where he was nabbed! Ask Obama & Feinstein why he was out & how dare he come here to our state???!
Police said the Madison-area manhunt for Paris Poe — wanted by the FBI in connection with a federal murder investigation — is over. Poe was apprehended on the far east side, a police spokesman said.
FBI seeks help searching for ‘dangerous’ man
Numerous police agencies are assisting the FBI in searching for a Chicago man in Madison who’s wanted by the FBI.

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