Could Pat Gray successfully challenge John Cornyn?!?

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By Cahnman

On tonight’s television broadcast, Glenn Beck vowed to find a primary challenger to John Cornyn; this gives us an idea:

How about Pat?!?

One thing Glenn Beck will discover, if he’s serious about finding a challenger to Cornyn, is that none of the obvious candidates wants to run:

  • We asked Louie Gohmert last summer (at Restoring Love): he said no.
  • We asked Rafael Cruz in April: he said he was too old.
  • We haven’t personally spoken to Ron Paul, but a source who shall remain anonymous told us he wasn’t interested in this race the same day we posted the blog linked above.

All of the folk listed above have been asked, all have said no.

Which brings us back to Pat.

Pat would enter this race with instant credibility. Freedomworks already sponsors the radio show and, knowing Freedomworks as we do, we strongly suspect they’d endorse him. There’s your fundraising.

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