Benghazi Outrage: Who Made the Erroneous Talking Points Rice Used?

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By Helle Dale

Senators took to the floor Thursday to express their continued outrage over Benghazi. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John McCain (R-AR) blasted the administration for misleading the American people, and threatened to re-open the Benghazi investigation. The immediate cause was the appearance by National Security Advisor Susan Rice on “Meet the Press” on February 23.

Rice was asked by host David Gregory whether she regretted misleading Americans about the cause of the Benghazi attack on the Sunday talk shows September 16, 2012, five days after the assault on the U.S. consulate:

What I said to you that morning, and what I did every day since, was to share the best information that we had at the time,” said Rice.

“That information turned out, in some respects, not to be 100 percent correct,” Rice conceded. “But the notion that somehow I or anybody else in the administration misled the American people is patently false. And I think that that’s been amply demonstrated.”

By rejecting responsibility for misleading the American people in the first place, Rice reignited the controversy. (Maybe the White House handlers should know better than put Rice before a camera by now.) The fact is that the Like this? Read more and get your own subscription at

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